"We have been using food dyes from NEELIKON for 3 years and these products that we transform (mixture of powders or solubilization in water) are of very high quality. Indeed the very high level of solubility proves a high purity. Also the ability of NEELIKON to provide us all the analyzes of the batches manufactured is particularly appreciable."

Distributor – FRANCE

"Our experience in working with Neelikon is very much a positive one. Their honest professionalism is refreshing and we are happy working with them as our business associate."

End User – Multi National

"Neelikon has been our vendor, but more important also our partner for more than 8 years. Their customer service and high quality product is very valuable and important for keeping our production process continuous. Their support and commitment to quality is world class. It has been a pleasure working with such company."

End customer – Multi National